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Student Emergency Services Funding Application

The Dean of Students Office at Texas State assists eligible students in emergencies with limited funding. The funding includes grants and loans provided from various types of donations. Texas State may be eligibel for these sources of funding when they need assistance with emergencies that are unexpected situations and cannot be planned for. Please review the "Important Information" and "Eligibility Criteria" listed below before completing this application.

Important Information

  1. Most sources of funds are typically given only one time during a student's academic career at Texas State.
  2. Most sources of funds, especially grants, typically do not exceed $400.
  3. The Dean of Students Office determines student eligibility and source of funding.
  4. The Dean of Students Office may consult with university representatives regarding approval for specific funding.
  5. The Dean of Students Office contacts students when grants are available.
  6. Most sources of funds are typically available within three (3) business days from the date of approval.
  7. Most sources of funds will be cancelled if not received within ten (10) business days.
  8. State law gives you the right to request and receive information collected on this form with few exceptions.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Student must exhaust all other financial resources.
  2. Student is currently enrolled or was enrolled the previous long semester if application is during summer.
  3. Funding requested is for an emergency caused by extenuating circumstances.
    • The emergency must not have been caused by the student's own negligence.
    • The emergency must not have been caused by the student's lack of planning.
    • The emergency was beyond the student's control (e.g. a natural disaster or a non-fault accident).
  4. Student may be required to provide legitimate proof or documentation of emergency.
  5. Student must meet with the Dean of Students Office representative who reviews the application.
  6. Students must print legibly in ink or type to complete application. Incomplete applications will be denied.

Student Information

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