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School Colors

Maroon and gold, after the native wildflower gaillardia


Bobcat, a native wildcat known for its fierceness

School Song

"Alma Mater," written by former professor Jessie Sayers to the tune of "Ancient of Days" by J. Albert Jeffrey

Fight Song

"Go Bobcats," written by Paul Yoder, is the "call to arms" for all Texas State athletic events. It became the official fight song in 1961.

University Seal

A five-pointed lone star embraced by a wreath of native oak leaves, symbolizing strength, and laurel leaves, symbolizing victory in knowledge; the university name encircles the wreath and star, and the rope border symbolizes Texas’ pioneer heritage


Texas State University is a public, student-centered Emerging Research University dedicated to excellence in serving the educational needs of the diverse population of Texas and thew world beyond.

Shared Values

In pursuing our mission, we, the faculty, staff and students of Texas State University, are guided by a shared collection of values. We value:

  • an exceptional undergraduate experience as the heart of what we do;
  • graduate education as a means of intellectual growth and professional development;
  • a diversity of people and ideas, a spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and a sense of community as essential conditions for campus life;
  • the cultivation of character and the modeling of honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, respect and ethical behavior, both in the classroom and beyond;
  • engaged teaching and learning based on dialogue, student involvement and the free exchange of ideas;
  • research, scholarship and creative activity as fundamental sources of new knowledge and as expressions of the human spirit;
  • a commitment to public service as a resource for personal, educational, cultural and economic development;
  • thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning and evaluation as essential for meeting the changing needs of those we serve.