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Parking Policies

The purpose of the university's parking resources is to provide students, faculty and staff safe and efficient access to classrooms, auxiliary buildings and facilities. Parking areas on Central Campus are dedicated for use by faculty, staff and on-campus residents. Commuter parking is located on the perimeter of the campus. The university's shuttle bus system provides transportation service from these lots to Central Campus. The Texas Education Code gives Texas State the authority to regulate parking on campus, and the Transportation and Parking Committee (TPC) reviews the parking rules and regulations on a regular basis. The Parking Service (PS) division of the University Police Department (UPD) has the authority to enforce these rules. Suggestions to improve the parking rules or policies can be made in writing to the TPC c/o the Parking Service Office. 

Every vehicle parked on campus must display a valid Texas State parking permit. Every student, faculty, staff or frequent user of a university facility must:

  • Register the vehicle at Parking Services and purchase a permit.
  • Properly display the permit when the vehicle is parked on campus.
  • Become familiar with the Traffic and Parking Rules.

The rules are enforced at all times. The purchase of a permit and registration of your vehicle does not guarantee a parking space, and the lack of space never justifies parking illegally.

Updates and changes to the rules and policies, and current parking permit fees can be found on the Web at

Types of Standard/Yearly Student Permits

  • Residence Hall (Green) permits are available to students living in on-campus residence halls. Green permits allow parking in all Green residence hall spaces and all perimeter lots designated as All-Zone.
  • Apartment Residents (Silver) permits are available to students and their family members living in university-owned apartments. Silver permits allow parking in the designated apartment's spaces and all perimeter lots designated as All-Zone.
  • Commuter (Purple) Perimeter Parking Permits are available to: 1) Commuter students; 2) Texas State staff persons employed less than half time; 3) Commuting graduate assistants and teaching assistants employed by a Texas State department; 4) Texas State residence hall and apartment residents who choose to purchase a perimeter permit; 5) community members who use university facilities such as the LRC and Student Recreation Center; or 6) persons who park on campus for any reason on a regular basis or for an extended period of time.

Chronic Offender Policy

Anyone who has parked a vehicle or vehicles on university property who has been issued five or more tickets within a continuous 12-month period, regardless of whether the tickets are paid or on appeal, will be considered a chronic offender of the university's parking rules. Chronic offenders may continue to park legally on campus; however, when a vehicle assigned to a chronic offender is found illegally parked, it is subject to: 1) Immediate impound and 2) a $150 chronic offender fee. Texas State students, faculty and staff, visitors, guests and any non-Texas State affiliates are subject to the chronic offender provisions and are not affected by either a temporary or permanent change in one's position or status with the university.

Bicycle Registration/Skateboards

Texas Law guarantees bicycle riders on roadways the same rights as motorists, and shall be subject to all the duties applicable to driver of motor vehicles. It is a violation to ride bicycles on a sidewalk, walkway, lawn, or in any building. Bicycle parking is permitted only in designated bicycle parking areas (impound violation). For security purposes you may register your bicycle at the University Police Department.

Under no circumstances may rollerblades or skateboards be used in university buildings and/or on roads owned or controlled by the university, except in areas designated by the Director of Police and the Dean of Students Office.

Additional Information

Parking Services is located at 615 N. LBJ in Nueces Hall. Further information may be obtained by visiting the Parking Services Web site at or by calling 512.245.2887.