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Disruptive Activities Policy

University Policy on Disruptive Activities

The university reserves the right to take disciplinary action against individual students and/or groups who are involved in disruptive activities. Such disciplinary action may be taken independently of state or local prosecutorial actions regardless of the outcome of such prosecutorial actions.

Persons engaging in certain disruptive activities on the university campus shall be subject to prosecution and the penalties provided in section 4.30, Texas Education Code, which provides:

A. No person or group of persons acting in concert may willfully engage in disruptive activity or disrupt a lawful assembly on the campus or property of any private or public school or institution of higher education or public vocational and technical school or institute.

B. For the purposes of this section, disruptive activity means:

  1. obstructing or restraining the passage of persons in an exit, entrance, or hallway of any building without the authorization of the administration of the school;
  2. seizing control of any building or portion of a building for the purpose of interfering with any administrative, educational, research, or other authorized activity;
  3. preventing or attempting to prevent by force or violence or the threat of violence a lawful assembly authorized by the school administration;
  4. disrupting by force or violence or the threat of force or violence a lawful assembly in progress; or
  5. obstructing or restraining the passage of any person at an exit or entrance to said building.