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Appendix C: Alcoholic Beverages Policy

University Policy on Alcoholic Beverages

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for ensuring that the sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at events held on campus, which includes Sewell Park, Aquarena Springs and the University Camp, are done in accordance with Regental and University Policies and State law. Any person or organization sponsoring an event on campus in which alcohol is served or sold must obtain prior approval from the Dean of Students. UPPS 05.03.03 pertaining to serving alcohol on campus is located at http://www.txstate.edu/effective/upps/upps-05-03-03.html. The form to request permission to make alcohol available can be found at http://www.txstate.edu/effective/upps/upps-05-03-03-att4.html.

The Dean of Students Office is located in room 5-9.1 of the LBJ Student Center. An "Alcoholic Beverage Activity" request form, approved by the Dean of Students, must be completed at least 10 working days before the event.

Your cooperation in this matter will allow for the success of any function involving the sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 512.245.2124.