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Solicitation Policy

Solicitation means 1) the sale or offer for sale of any property, goods, products, or services, including the distribution of literature to promote a commercial message; or 2) the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution.

Solicitation on campus is prohibited, except for activities approved by the Dean of Students, or designee, which includes Student Involvement @ LBJSC.

The process for obtaining approval for solicitation on campus is as follows:

  • Faculty, staff, and student organizations desiring to conduct solicitation activities on campus can obtain a solicitation request form from the Student Involvement @ LBJSC;
  • Completed forms with appropriate signatures must be submitted to the Student Involvement @ LBJSC Information Desk in the LBJ Student Center at least 10 days before the scheduled event
  • Upon approval of the solicitation request, the student organization or department; representative will be notified via email with a valid Student Involvement @ LBJSC solicitation permit;
  • Any solicitation activity planned for a residence hall must also be approved by the director of Housing and Residential Life, or designee. Door-to-door solicitation in any residence hall or campus apartment complex of any kind if prohibited; and
  • Any solicitation activity planned for an athletic event, including tailgating, must also be approved by the director of Athletics, or designee.

For the most updated solicitation policies and procedures please visit this link