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Computer and Network Use Policy


Texas State provides each of its authorized users with a computer account, known as a Texas State NetID, which facilitates access to the university's information resources. In accepting a Texas State NetID or any other access ID, the recipient agrees to abide by applicable Texas State policies and legal statues, including all federal, state, and local laws. Texas State reserves the right at any time to limit, restrict, or deny access to its information resources and to take disciplinary or legal action against anyone in violation of these policies or statutes.

One such policy is UPPS 04.01.07, Appropriate Use of Information Resources. It clearly outlines the university's expectations regarding the use of its computing, network, and other information resources and specifies prohibited behaviors. Examples of prohibited behaviors include harassment of other users, intentional virus infusion, bandwidth monopolization, use of university resources for personal gain, and spam generation. Students should be particularly mindful of recent federal legislation targeting the illegal distribution of music and video files by students using Peer-To-Peer file sharing software. The university's Notice to Students about P2P and File Sharing describes this new legislation and possible university sanctions, civil liabilities, and criminal penalties that may result from unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials. 

The university is also pro-active when addressing information security issues. Please refer to UPPS 04.01.01, Security of Texas State Information Resources, for responsibilities related to security requirements.

Students with questions about the acceptability of various computing related activities are encouraged to contact the Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC) at 512.245.ITAC (4822).