Information for Mentees

Mentee Requirements 

Students interested in participating in the Bobcat Bond Mentoring Program (BBMP) will be expected to complete the following requirements:

One Academic Year Commitment 

To ensure students participating in BBMP as mentees receive consistent and continued mentoring support, participants are expected to maintain a one academic year membership in the program beginning in the fall semester. However, an evaluation and membership renewal check will be completed at the end of each semester to accommodate for a student's change in schedule or availability. 

Program Orientation 

Participants in the program are expected to attend the BBMP Orientation at the beginning of each semester to receive necessary information. Material covered include, but not limited to, participation requirements and agreement, introduction to program staff and peer mentors, introduction of new mentors and mentees, important dates and announcements, and various other items. 

Frequent Mentor Contact

Students participating in BBMP as mentees will be expected to maintain frequent communication with their respective peer mentor. Peer mentors will take the initiative in reaching out to mentees, but mentees should make themselves available to meet with their peer mentor. The required student contact time for each semester is at least 10 hours of contact for each fall and spring semester. Peer mentors will keep a log of the student contact, but the most important thing for mentees to do is allowing themselves availability to meet with their respective peer mentor. 

Academic Progress Check 

Participants in BBMP will be expected to complete one academic progress check per semester to ensure academic development. Students at risk for under-performing in any course at the time of the grade check will be expected to complete an Academic Action Plan outlining steps to improve academic performance. The grade check is meant to provide program staff timely information to ensure student is receiving needed support. 

Community Service 

Students participating in BBMP will be expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service through out each fall and spring semester. There will be several ways of obtaining these hours that include, but are not limited to, BBMP specific service events or opportunities, campus-wide services events or opportunities, as well as any service opportunity student seeks on their own. Participants can also use service hours completed for other programs or organizations. 

Attendance & Participation 

BBMP participants will be expected (but not required) to attend program events through out the semester. A list of dates will be provided at the BBMP Orientation at the beginning of each semester. Events can include, but not limited to, welcome socials, mid-semester socials, end-of-semester celebrations, speaker series, etc. 

Why Should I Join the Bobcat Bond Program?

Colleges and universities across the nation struggle every year with how to help new students adjust to the inevitable changes of higher education. At Texas State, we pair new students with Texas State upperclassmen, staff or faculty to ease the transition into the university and support the adjustments to change.   

Mentees benefit in many ways. By having a friend/mentor at Texas State, the stress of adjusting to campus is reduced. This is also directly related to higher retention of students at Texas State, and higher GPAs (as compared to their fellow non-mentored new students). If you have a problem with anything personal or academic, while your mentor may not have direct experience, they will know where to refer you so that you can get help and know that people on this campus can help.