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Absence Notifications

Not all absences require an absence notification

There are two kinds of absences:
"Necessary" and "Emergency"

Necessary Absences are usually planned events

"Necessary absences" can only be handled between the student and the instructor. If the instructor requests that a notification be issued for a "necessary" absence, a staff member can explain to the instructor why the notification cannot be issued.

Examples of "necessary absences" include doctor's appointments, non-emergency medical conditions that did not require a visit to a physician, court appearances, job interviews, and vacations.

For on-going medical conditions, contact the Office of Disability Services.


Emergency Absences are always unplanned events,
and documentation is always required

The goal of issuing absence notifications is to provide documentation of a student's emergency event without having to reveal confidential medical information to the instructor.

Examples include unplanned events such as hospitalization, death of a loved one, and physician-ordered absences. All absences require official documentation that can be verified by a staff member.


PLEASE NOTE  that issuing an absence notification does not "excuse" the absence, regardless of the reason.  All professors have full discretion about whether or not an absence will be "excused." For more information about excused absences the student should refer to the course syllabus or speak directly with the instructor.