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Emergency Situation Consultation Request Form

The Purpose of the Emergency Situation Academic Consultation

  • Unlike a session with an academic advisor or counselor, the goal of the 45-minute session is to provide information about a student's academic options after he or she has experienced an emergency. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dropping classes
  • Notifying an instructor about upcoming or past absences
  • Readmission to the university
  • Requests for a grade of "Incomplete"
  • Transitioning back to the classroom after an extended absence
  • Tuition and grade appeals
  • Withdrawing from the university


We value your time

If we determine from the information you provided that your situation could be handled more efficiently by an individual in another office, we will call and email you with the contact name, phone number and email address. That individual will be expecting you to contact them.

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