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Emergency Funding Assistance

When a student is faced with the financial effects of an emergency and has exhausted all other means of assistance, a staff member can assist in identifying potential sources of emergency funds.

The student should make sure that the direct deposit information through Student Business Services is accurate. Funds are typically limited to $500 per student and are disbursed within three business days.

In most cases, emergency funding assistance is provided to a student one time during his or her academic career at Texas State.


Qualifications for emergency funding assistance

  • Currently enrolled or was enrolled in the previous long (fall or spring) semester as an undergraduate or graduate of Texas State
  • Have experienced a financial emergency as a result of an unplanned event
  • Have exhausted all other financial resources
  • Have completed an Emergency Funding Assistance Request Form
  • Have provided documentation regarding the nature of the financial emergency
  • Meet with a Student Emergency Services or Dean of Students Office representative

Financial Assistance after a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, Student Emergency Services staff can offer assistance and information about state and national recovery services.

For information about on-campus emergencies and alerts, click this link to be connected to the University Police Emergency Management site.